Success starts in your head!

The success mindset in action

Hi! I am Monika. I am 33 years old and a multiple scholarship recipient, former management consultant, World Bank and IMF employee and now multiple business owner.

I have lived in five countries, speak three languages, set a world record and wrote a book in six weeks. (Watch my life story here)

This is far from trying to show off but rather sharing in a very concise way that I have been using a proven success method which I have used repetitively throughout my life.

And I want to share this with you so you can apply it too!

It is called the three-step RAD* method!

*Yep, and that’s why the website is called RAD Monika 😉

What is the RAD method?

R= Real

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-confidence
  • Goal-orientation
  • Passion

A= Adventurous

  •  Resilience
  • Curiosity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Focus

D = Daring

  • Decisiveness
  • Risk-taking abilities
  • Boldness
  • Action

Real. Adventurous. Daring. RAD.

All skills above are key for a success mindset. And the RAD method encompasses all of them!

About Monika

Monika Sattler is a business owner, author, international speaker and educator. She teaches the ‘success mindset’ through the three-step RAD method.

She holds degrees from Bryant University, Georgetown University and University of Minnesota. She previously worked for the World Bank, IBM and the International Monetary Fund. She has lived in five countries and speaks three languages. Her recent cycling world record exemplifies the RAD method in action.








What clients say….
“We had the good fortune of bringing Monika Sattler to our school and thanks to her talk explaining her RAD philosophy she helped our sport students to find out how to achieve their goals not only for the year but also for their future lives. I believe that the reason she has such an impact on all that she presents to is that she is clearly genuine and motivating in every regard.
It is with only the highest regards that I would recommend Monika for any speaking engagement, for the corporate world, sport or personal.”
Frank Brunot, Head of Studies – Fleming Group

“Monika is an enthusiastic, energetic speaker whose accounts and experiences bring relevant lessons to the corporate environment. She has spoken at two of our Ciena EMEA events now, specifically on partnering, collaboration and the value of teamwork to achieve the improbable. She is very good to work with in developing content and delivery for the presentations, attentive to addressing the objectives of the speaking assignment. Her enthusiasm is infectious and passion for achieving is inspirational, highly recommended as a speaker for events and cycling activities.”

Mark Gilmor, Senior Advisor – Ciena

I am so glad we invited Monika to do a workshop for our leasing teams. Her presentation and energy was fabulous! She motivated, encouraged and assisted our teams in building their confidence to achieve their goals. She provided them with the invaluable tools to overcome failures. In our industry, we deal with people from all walks of life – she was able to relate her workshop to our industry and target the areas that would be most beneficial in their professional and personal lives. I would highly recommend Monika’s workshop!

Likica Grceva, Regional Property Manager at Corcoran Jennison

At a time in life when not much is certain, Monika has helped me to choose a path that will help me to continue my passion for knowledge while focusing on my personal happiness after college. With her insight and experiences, she has inspired me to achieve my goals and make that leap that I was previously too scared to do. She is quite enthusiastic and encouraging. I highly recommend meeting with Monika if you are in need of some motivation and expertise!

Bobbie DiScuillo, International Business Major, Senior at Bryant University

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