Let’s work together!

I have been travelling the world for the last 13 years having lived in five countries. My experience from immersing myself in each cycling culture, racing as an elite cyclist and now as gravel grinder, endurance cyclist and adventurer enabled me to get to know the cycling world from many angles. As a former management consultant and digital marketing strategist I now work with clients on a great range of projects. I love the variety and the challenge of each project. This is how we can work together:

Corporate partnership

I collaborate with companies combining our knowledge and experience to provide  a superb product or service.

For example, I support (cycling) companies to establish themselves in Mallorca providing local knowledge and trusted partnerships. In addition, I work with cycling-related brands to create women-specific events and camps around the world.   

Event coordination in Mallorca

Companies that are looking for photo- and videoshootings, especially outdoors, can take advantage of the 300 days of sunshine, the approximity of mountains and beach and the variety of scenerey.

I work closely with local partners to tailor Mallorca’s offerings to your needs including accommodation, transportation and location expertise.

Consultancy of special projects

My mission is to inspire others, especially women, to ride bikes, to explore the world and to challenge themselves. I work on special projects as a tool to convey this message. For example, currently, I prepare for the Vuelta Ride – riding the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana route as the professionals. I work end-to end on this project inlcuding development, sponsorship, marketing, sales, crowdfunding, organization, media production plus the actual 3300km ride. Drawing from my past eperience I consult companies to convey their message!

Presenter/ Speaker/ Workshops

Can you imagine riding with nothing but a little backpack through a foreign country where you dont speak the language? What do you do if your body is screaming to stop after 200km in a 330km cycling challenge? How do you prepare yourself mentally for a cycling challenge that is beyond your physical capacity? Why does cycling have a positive impact on your job?

These are sample topics of speeches and workshops I offer.

If you are looking for a passionate and action-packed talk or workshop that inspires you to take action, contact me for more details: monika@radmonika.com

Digital content production

I write for international publications, brand blogs and create “raw-and-real” video diaries. My content style is informal but informative and usually bursts with energy (if I am not completely exhausted after underestimating a climb called Alpe d’Huez).


Marketing and Brand Exposure

If I like something and believe others can benefit from it, then I love talking about it on my social media channels. I have been working with brands that offer high-quality products, services and events and share my experience with my followers. 




I have worked with a variety of brands, including Scott, Orbea, Gobik and Shimano for video- and photoshootings. I am familiar with the demands to produce high-quality content and enjoy working in a team of passionate people.



Brand Ambassador

I am lucky to be able to present fantastic brands including Shimano, Scott bikes, Gobik, Powerbar and Haute Route

I am interested in longterm relationships that go beyond “just using the material”. I work closely with brands to create a mututal beneficial partnership.

For all inquiries to the projects above, please send an email to monika@radmonika.com