Why RAD?

“RAD” sums up my way of life. In addition that it translates to “bike” in German, it stands for:

Real. Ambitious. Daring.

*Just be yourself, who you really are. No one else is a better you than yourself.
*Dream and act big. Set yourself high goals. We shrink and grow with our ambitions.
*Dare to go out of your comfort zone. Take chances. There are no failures – only lessons learned. Be bold.

I am living this view of life most strongly through adventure cycling.

Creating an adventurous ride – that could mean exposing myself to nature, following the path less travelled or riding towards a destination that seems a bit out of reach.

Adventure cycling strips down all the fakeness. Nothing really matters except the real me – who I really am.

When I head out with a tiny little bag on a multi-day adventure ride, I get reminded of how little I need to be happy. It also puts an importance on the few items I truly need. It brings awareness of the abundance we are living in and how careless we get when we have things in overflow.

For me, adventure cycling also means setting an ambitious destination or a path that might not be the most direct and convenient way. When I decided to ride through half of Spain with my home being the final destination, I had absolutely no idea how my journey will look like. It turned out it was a path I had to create myself. I faced unexpected rough roads, locked gates and hidden ways testing my mental and physical determination to reach my goal.

I could have just taken the bus back home.

But life is not about reaching the final destination in the fastest possible way. It is about creating a journey that makes me feel alive with everything that comes with it.

That is my way of life: The Real. Ambitious. Daring. Life. #RADlife

How do you live your RAD Life?