My story

Hi. I am Monika aka Rad Monika.

Originally from Germany, I must have watched too many James Bond movies because I wanted to become a CIA agent. So after high school, armed with a full scholarship for Volleyball, I moved to the USA to knock on some doors in Langley at the CIA’s headquarter.

Yes, that never happened.

However, I did pursue a Masters in International Studies (focusing on nuclear weapons in North Korea and Iran) in Washington, DC and it slowly dawned on me that this career track might not seem quite right for me. What I actually wanted is adventure!

So never have ridden a mountain bike before, never mind reading a topographical map or sitting in a kayak, I decided adventure racing might satisfy my hunger for adventure. So after a rocky start to learn all the disciplines, I become part of one of the best 24-28 hours adventure racing teams in the USA. Wading through hip-deep swamps in the Everglades at 2am or getting lost in the middle of Virginian nowhere was an absolutely thrilling experience.

Yes, my sense for adventure might be a little different.

After I almost flipped a boat and seemed to go backwards while running, I dropped all sports but one: Cycling! And the love only grew from there.

I discovered everything that came with it: Group riding. Post-ride coffee. Epic rides. Tough cycling challenges. A huge welcoming community.

I raced everything from crits, TT, track, UCI races in Europe, gravel races and ultra-endurance races. But what I love the most are tough one-day or stage races in the mountains. The suffering, the highs, the lows, the feeling of accomplishments are tough to describe. (I attempted to do it here)

Having raced in the USA, Australia and Europe, this blog’s aim is to inspire the reader to push their own physical and mental limits, to give tips on how to succeed and entertain with my own take on those races.

In addition, Rad Monika’s training camps put the theory into action.