I love the project - just get me to the support page!
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My mission is to get people, especially women, on bikes (more on my view here). I do that by:

  • Riding this 3300km challenge to get the attention that this mission deserves
  • Inspiring digital content (Instagram)
  • Providing cycling camps in Mallorca, in particular Women’s camps
  • Leading a monthly ride in Mallorca
  • Presentations in schools
  • Motivational speeches and workshops

Share this mission with your friends like you would do it with your mid-ride cake! Oh wait....

But in earnest, if you like the mission of this project, this is how you can support it:

  • Share this project with your circles and especially with friends who would be inspired by this project to ride a bike
  • Consider making a donation with really cool rewards here, especially if you like cycling in warm, sunny weather and amazing terrain. (Am I teasing too much?)

In addition, if your company, school or cycling group is interested in a workshop or presentation, don’t hesitate to contact me to organize a tailored talk for your group.

Be part of it!

I have this vision that I start in Malaga with a few friends and finish in Madrid with a big group of cyclists. This is not just about completing a big ride; this is about bringing people together, experiencing the rich culture of Spain and celebrating the sport.

I would love to have you be part of it – whether it is virtually or in reality. I will be wearing a GPS live tracker, daily videos and photos will be taken so you can get as close to the experience as possible. If you are in Spain during that time, I would love to have you join me!