The RAD Potential creates World Record Setters!

Cycling gives me the opportunity to fully embrace my RAD principles. I learn a lot about myself pushing my mental and physical barriers. I dare to take on big challenges, sometimes that big that they seem impossible to achieve. However, by creating the right journey to reach that goal I have always successfully crossed the finish line. 

Below is a selection of cycling adventures including the 2650km Haute Route Triple Crown, the solo 1100km Mallorca to Munich cycling adventure and the recent world record – riding every kilometer of the 3300km Vuelta a España as the first female in history.

World Record! The Vuelta Ride (Aug/Sept 2018)

As the first female in history, I cycled every kilometer of one of the toughest professional races in world, the Vuelta a España, just hours beforehand.

Altogether it was 3058km, 129 hours of riding, 49337m of elevation gain in 21 stages. That is a daily average of 145km, 6 hours of riding and 2349m of climbing.

I loved every single minute of it. The early mornings at 4:30am waking up, the sunrise at 7:40am, the conversations with new friends, crossing the finish line at 14:00, driving to the next hotel, enjoying the local cuisine and breathing every moment of a rich, intense experience.

What a success!
My main mission of this project was to inspire people to go for their own challenge and come out to join for parts of this journey while spreading my message around the globe. With over 200 people riding parts with me and with a coverage of over 50 media outlets around the world, this project has exceeded any expectations.

Check out the stages

Cycling 1100km from Mallorca to Munich (June 2018)

To prepare for the 3300km Vuelta Ride, I rode 1100km in 5 days from Mallorca to Munich on 14th June – solo and with nothing but a tiny bag that includes a T-shirt and one shorts. Wearing my Superwoman cycling kit, I visited children hospitals seeing how brave kids take on their challenges.

Be bold and fearless. Create your own path and go for your adventure! Live RAD.

Haute Route Triple Crown (Aug/Sept 2017)
2650km. 62500m of climbing. 21 days.

Last summer, I completed the  Haute Route Triple Crown, a three week 2650km cycling challenge with over 62500m of climbing. As the only female among 22 racers I aim to inspire specifically women to  dare to take on big challenges.