The beauty of cycling is that it is so versatile. Yesterday was all about a tough training ride with a riding partner. Today, it became a solo adventure ride.

No goals, no pace setting, exploring the region, just soaking in the scenery and taking occasionally pictures and videos. And those, I want to share with you today:


Lujar. If you look closely you see a road switchbacking up that mountain! Unfortunately, it is not accessible by road bike so a hike will be in the near future.

There is no shortage of roads crisscrossing the countryside.

The weather looks worse in the pictures than it was. It was hazy but very warm. In the distance an invitation to an adventure ride to the ridge.

Enjoying the ride. No traffic. Great condition of the roads and fantastic views.

After an ultra-light bikepacking tour through France last year, today’s ride got me thinking about a similar ride through Spain.

Where in Spain shall this tour go?