I never had been so unprepared for the future of my life. I had one hotel night stay, a rental car for six weeks and a few local contacts that my friends said I should visit. It was a completely different approach to creating my way of living. Whether it was the best or worst way I would find out soon but for sure I wouldn’t repeat any mistakes.

I was scared and nervous. It was like throwing all eggs into one basket. Everything what I had, everything what I want and everything I could afford into one single effort to make it happen. I had money saved up that would last me for a year if I spend it smartly. But as nervous I was as excited I was too for really pushing my mental barriers doing something that a few years ago was completely out of my imagination to do.

This time I was not scared that I left the “normal working world”, I was not scared that I would end up on the street. No, by now, I have learned that there are always opportunities. I would always be able to find a job. What scared me that I would not be able to create what I wanted. I was scared that after one year I would be back at the same spot the only difference being without money. I was scared that I would screw up this one shot.