Perfectionism and superficiality detox

We are living in a world of increased superficiality and the chase of perfectionism. It is toxic and destructive to our self-confidence, our goals and our health. Learn how to get out of this vicious circle and create your own path to a fulfilling life.
Available as talk and workshop you will:
  • Learn who they really are, their passions, strengths, likes but also weaknesses
  • Accept and appreciate all of the above
  • Be able to distinguish the real from the superficial world
  • Develop real self-confidence (not confused with arrogance) especially women who have to withstand a huge societal pressure
  • Develop a healthy self-image
  • Learn to deal with setbacks
  • Create a path you are passionate about
  • Find true purpose in life
The talk and workshop are inspiring while you are walking away with practical tools and a new mindset.  You might call it a life-changing experience.

In addition the workshop is highly interactive. You will apply the lessons learned right from the start. Discussions give you the opportunity to talk about your specific case. It is fun, motivating and encouraging.

Ready for your detox?
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