Don’t we all have a dream that seems too daring, too unpredictable in outcome to really go for it? What if it didn’t matter how unachievable your goal might seem? What if you went for it anyway?

Monika talks about how she made her dream come true cycling as the first female in history one of the toughest cycling races in the world, the 3300km Vuelta a España, setting a world record. It is about daring to go for a challenge that was seemingly impossible. The lessons learned how self-confidence, resilience and team work are absolutely necessary to break mental and physical barriers to fulfill goals and dreams.

Talking topics

Making the seemingly unachievable possible + Taking risks + Believing in Yourself + Stay strong when it gets tough +  The importance of a team + Surround yourself with true supporters + I am a woman. So what? + How to stay motivated + Focus

CIENA Partner Bike Ride
London, UK
“How a support network is key for achieving seemingly unattainable goals.”
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Monika is an enthusiastic, energetic speaker whose accounts and experiences bring relevant lessons to the corporate environment. She has spoken at two of our Ciena EMEA events now, specifically on partnering, collaboration and the value of teamwork to achieve the improbable. She is very good to work with in developing content and delivery for the presentations, attentive to addressing the objectives of the speaking assignment. Her enthusiasm is infectious and passion for achieving is inspirational, highly recommended as a speaker for events and cycling activities.

 Mark Gilmour
Mark Gilmour
Director, Portfolio Strategy - CIENA, UK