Real. Adventurous. Daring.

Achieve more than you can imagine

Based on the RAD philosophy, learn hands-on tools and practical advice how to break mental barriers to achieve seemingly impossible challenges. Choose the intensity and depth depending on the options below.

RAD talk

Be inspired and learn practical tools how to achieve more than you can imagine and pursue your seemingly impossible goal. After the talk you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

RAD workshop

Take it to the next level through the interactive workshop that not only inspires you but gives you the opportunity to ask more specific questions directly to your goal. 

RAD retreat and guiding

Take it to the ultimate level through the RAD retreat and apply the lessons learned and practice the tools in a relaxing and mind-focused atmosphere with a 1-day, 3-day or 7-day retreat in Mallorca.

Talk. Workshop. Retreat.

What it is about?

An overview what you will learn in each talk, workshop and retreat. Each part prepares you and gets you closer to reaching your goal.

Part 1

Why talent is not what gets you there

Extraordinary achievements like setting a world record seem to be only accomplished by highly talented,  individuals. But that’s not true. Thus, if talent is not the key for achievement, what is it then? That’s what this part is about.

Part 2

Living RAD – the foundation for your achievement

Achieving big goals and seemingly impossible challenges require a strong foundation. This part explains why it is not only important look on what you want but what you got. Ready to live RAD?

Part 3

Taboo words: fear and failure

We all have fears. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. But we don’t talk about it because it seems to show weakness. However, it is key to understand what they actually mean! This part explains why “fear” is actually less scary and “failure” not a loss.

Part 4

The starter kit to make it happen!

The last part gives you hands-on tools and practical advice to break your mental barriers and achieve that seemingly impossible challenge. And you will realize how RAD it is to go for it!

Talk. Workshop. Retreat.

Who is it for?

Whether at work, in sports or in your personal life, if you want to achieve a goal or seemingly impossible challenge, this is for you. See some examples who can benefit from the talk, workshop and retreat.


  • Sales team with high targets to achieve
  • Companies with structural changes
  • Managers looking to increase employees’ creativity and motivation
  • Women in a male-dominated environment


  • Recreational cyclist who is embarking on a big cyclosportive
  • Runner newby who wants to run a marathon
  • A non-athlete who would like to get fit




  • Middle-aged business person who considers a life-changing decision
  • Young professional who wants to pursue his dream job
  • Individual who would like to move to a new country

*All talks and workshops are adapted to the specific needs of the participants.


RAD talk – from 1000 Euro

RAD workshop  – from 3000 Euro

RAD retreat – from 2000 Euro/ person

Premium Guiding – from 200 Euro/ day

*all prices excl. 21% IVA