Real– 1st pillar of the RAD method

Hello wonderful RAD human,

Here we are talking about the first and the most crucial pillar: Real

This article is especially for you if you are doubting yourself or your decisions, if other people’s opinion have a big effect on your life and your decisions or if you don’t feel confident about your own abilities and even believe you might not have any strengths or passions.

If one of the statements above strike a chord, you are not alone. Especially in nowadays world, we are constantly told how imperfect we are and how we are supposed to live our lives. Of course, at some point it will wear our self-confidence out. Also, in a world of abundant choices, we can easily lose focus and just go with the flow without actually reflecting what we want.

But don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. It just means to refocus from external to internal – meaning to focus the attention on YOURSELF.

Why is this pillar called Real?

Real means being authentic, being yourself, accepting and appreciating yourself.

It sounds so easy – just be yourself. But I am challenging you, when was the last time you sat down and wrote down your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes? I bet it has been a long time if ever.

If you want to pursue goals, especially the BIG ones, if you want to live to your full potential, you have to start with yourself first. Because how do you know if it is the right goal? How would you know what reaching your full potential means if you don’t know who you are?

If you know yourself, you can make YOUR decisions which leads me to subsequent topic: Comparison to others is toxic to our confidence and self-belief.

It does not mean to never listen to anyone’s opinion. It means more not to listen to EVERYONE’s opinion. It is important to choose carefully whose opinion is important to you. To be able to make a conscious decision of whose opinion you let affect you, self-awareness and self-confidence is absolutely.

This is only a glimpse of how important the Real pillar is. It affects everything we think and do.

So, how can you strengthen this pillar? I have mentioned one exercise already in this article 😊 And, yes, it takes work but always remember why you are doing this: To live to your full potential!

Who are you? The REAL profile

Below you find a worksheet that will help you to get started. You might run out of things to write down after 5 minutes and that’s ok but I encourage you to do this exercise for 5 minutes every day for a week. Sit down and think about who you are….and it can be as simple as “I like waking up early” or “I don’t like winters” or “I am very good in cooking vegan recipes”.

Download REAL Profile

So, what’s next?

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