It has been now two days since completing the Mallorca to Munich trip. More here.
I rode with the RAD(wo)men cycling kit as I visited children hospitals in Mallorca and Munich to create a smile on their face. But this kit has gotten another meaning for me. It is about daring to do something that seems unachievable first because it seems too big of a goal or requires that scary first step into unknown terrain (literally and figuratively).
The cycling kit had other great benefits too. I was very visible on the road and it seemed that car drivers took special care passing a superwoman 😉
It helps also to ride through France with a kit that contains their colors, especially when France has been just playing in the football world championships.
I received encouraging comments in gas stations and wherever I stopped. Also kids on the street were calling after me: ‘Superwoman’. They made my day!
The cycling kit was a great conversation starter and people always smiled when they saw me. I had a great experience with it.
If you like it, you can even buy your own RAD cycling kit (men and women) online here (only until 25. June 2018):
20% of the price goes straight into supporting The Vuelta Ride with my mission to inspire others that anything is possible.
Thanks to Gobik for making my ideas reality and for designing such an amazing kit!