Real. Adventurous. Daring.

The #liveRAD philosophy

RAD philosophy

We all have goals and dreams; however, fear or failure and unpredictability often prevent us from daring to go for them. The RAD philosophy is about breaking those barriers to make them become reality. 

Having learned from failures, doubts and mistakes Monika has established a strong foundation that allowed her to develop skills necessary for success, contentment and purpose in life.

Living real, adventurous and daring is an easy but profound philosophy that everyone can apply and gives the essential base for achieving more than we can imagine.


Being real is the most important pillar to successfully go for your goals. If you know who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires and your intrinsic motivation, you can develop techniques that fit you to achieve your goal.



Here, adventurous means to explore new ideas, possibilities and opportunities. It means to look beyond what is seen as “normal”. The more you know and the more you explore, the more opportunities you can create that enable you to take the best decision for yourself.


Taking that daring step to go for your goal is tough. Fear of the unknown or failure are the greatest inhibitors. However, when you know yourself (real) and your opportunities (adventurous) taking action becomes a natural step to reach your goal.