Live RAD

Real. Adventurous. Daring.

“RAD” stands more than for ‘bike’ in German or short for ‘Radical’ in English. It stands for a view on life.

Three main values are the cornerstone for living RAD.


  • Being yourself who you really are, not necessarily following the ‘norms of the system’ but creating your own path.
  • Believing in your own capabilities and building on your strength.



  • Making life exciting by doing something unplanned or unusual
  • Heading out and exploring new regions – whether it is your local neighborhood or a new country.
  • Thinking outside the box and being creative
  • Wanting to know what more life can offer than the absolute necessary.


  • Taking risks, being fearless and bold.
  • Knowing that you can never fail, only lessons to be learned.
  • Going outside of your comfort zone and see how much more you can do than you ever imagined.