RAD Cycling Kit

I am so excited to introduce you to the RADventure cycling kit because a cycling kit is more than just clothes for a bike ride.

When I go on my RADventure trips, I need a cycling kit that I feels comfortable to wear for an entire day on the bike. It does not scratch, the padding is comfortable and the material is breathable. I need to fully trust its quality because usually I only take one cycling kit with me.

But there is more than just its performance.

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I associate with cycling is my kit. With the RADventure cycling kit, I am inspired what lies ahead – the thrilling pleasure of exploring a new path, the feeling of achievement of reaching the top of a climb and the endorphin-induced coffee with friends.

Thus, every RADventure kit carries a bit of adventure, discovery and passion.

(Don’t worry, it won’t weigh you down, quite the opposite, it is a very uplifting cycling kit).

I am so excited to say that the first limited edition is now for sale (excl. shipping costs):

Jersey – 70 Euro

Bib shorts – 80 Euro

Contact sattlermonika@gmail.com for more information.