RAD Club

Join a community of like-minded cyclists around the world.

Cycling takes on so many forms from racing to commuting from track cycling to mountain biking that it can be daunting to find the community that fits with your type and view about cycling. While travelling and living in five countries I met incredible people who have a similar view about cycling and life; thus, the purpose of this club is to bring them together.

This club is based on three values:

You love cycling because of the pure enjoyment of pedaling a bike. You may or may not follow the latest cycling fashion but for you it is not about status or fashion, you love the sport because of its enriching lifestyle of connecting with nature, exploring, working up a sweat and being part of a worldwide community.
You use your bike to satisfy your curiosity for different regions, cultures and people, whether it is your local neighborhood or crossing a different country. You might also like just head out and see what happens.
You might not be in it to win it but occasionally you love pushing your own physical and mental limits – daring to go outside your comfort zone during your own self-defined challenge or adventure.
You love to be part of a community of like-minded cyclists but yet from different backgrounds that come together, ride, suffer, laugh together and create lifelong memories.


Your benefits for being part of the RAD club:
– Connect with like-minded cyclists from around the world.
– Share your ideas, projects and adventures with the community
– Annual get-together for all members in Mallorca, Spain
– Invite-only cycling trips that are specifically targeted for the likes of this community
– Free camps powered by brands that are connected with these values
– More is in the works…

How to join

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