Event Calendar

It is quite bold of me to put an entire year of planning on paper as I usually plan as far as 2 weeks ahead. So please consider this list as a would-love-to-do-it events but not all of them might be happening. If you know of an event that would be right up my alley, please do let me know and I include it in this list!


12        – Gran Fondo Alassio, Italy

18        – The Devil of Versilia, Italy

24-26  – Gran Fondo Cyprus


2-7      – Rad Monika’s Gran Fondo Camp, Spain

22       – Guad al Xenil, Spain

29-1   – La Extrema, Spain


21-24 – Bormio Training Camp, Italy

27       – La Sufrida, Spain


3        – Indomable, Spain

11-18 – The Ride, Italy to Netherlands

22-25 – Rad Monika’s training camp, Granada, Spain


15      – Tour du Mont Blanc, France


13-19 – Haute Route Pyrenees, France

27     – La Marmotte Pyrenees

This event looks great too for the future:

9 July          – Niseko Classic, Japan