Coaching & Workshops

I work with clients individually or in a group setting to reach their full potential in any part of their lives. All my coaching programs are based on the RAD method that gives my clients a structured method that he or she can use for any part of their lives.

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Young talent

Whether you are student, graduate, young or seasoned professional, trying to figure out the right path is tough! I work with clients to find or create a sustainable career path they are passionate about. They should no one be out there wondering what their life is all about.

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Congratulations! By being an entrepreneur you have taken the right steps to live to your full potential! It is as exciting as it is scary, lonely and doubtful trying to create your business, setting priorities and juggling work/life balance. Don’t do it alone! I coach entrepreneurs so they can create a successful business while staying mentally sane and motivated and focused.

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Finding-new-meaning seeker

You are either facing a drastic life change (i.e. retirement, move) or are thinking about it. You are looking for new purpose and meaning in life. What’s the next goal? My clients range from retirees to business professionals who want to make a big change in their lives to feel alive again.

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Corporate leader

You care about your employees’ life satisfaction. You know that happy employees are the crucial part for a your company’s success. Through workshops and individual coaching, I work with corporate teams to create happier employees which leads to  high performance teams and a thriving company culture.

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Why RAD Monika Coaching?

You want to:

  • live to your full potential
  • live with sense of purpose and meaning
  • create high performing teams
  • find or change career paths
  • find the next big challenge
  • be able to set the right goals for you
  • create a sustainable path to your high goal
Your results of RAD Monika Coaching
  • A structured method to live to your full potential that you can apply to any part of your life
  • Increased motivation
  • Receive perspective
  • Someone who holds you accountable
  • Genuine support of your goals

Coaching  & Workshop programs

4-week online RAD Coaching Workshop

This 4-week group coaching workshop will give you powerful tools to live to your full potential, find purpose in life and be able to set high goals, overcome mental barriers while creating a sustainable path to reach your goals.  The coaching workshop consists of:

  • Four weekly 1-hour group webinars
  • Weekly exercises that participants work on at home
  • Four weekly 30 min private calls with Monika
  • A free copy of “Unleashing my RAD potential” for inspiration along the way
Individual Coaching

In confidential 1-on-1 sessions, I work with clients on particular areas to live to their full potential. Usually, these clients have completed the 4-week RAD coaching workshop and look for continued coaching.

1-hour RAD workshop

In this interactive 1-hour workshop participants will learn the powerful RAD method and how they can apply it in their lives. The workshops entails exercises and discussions and can be conducted in person or online.

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