Your greatest power is your unbreakable desire to reach your goal!

Reach your RAD potential

Individual Athletic Coaching

Physical strength will get you to the start line but mental strength will get you to the finish line

Although physical training is important for your challenge, it is your head that decides that you reach the finish line. Your attitude, willingness to suffer and mental toughness are key for your success.

Whether you are looking for a one-off, short-term or long-term coaching program, the solution-focused, 1-on-1 sessions with world record holder Monika via Skype or in person targets the following topics:

  • What sport or challenge fits to your needs and most likely that motivates you?
  • How to make working out fun and not another obligation
  • Post-racing career: How to stay motivated doing sports and finding a new goal
  • How to overcome fear or doubts of going for big challenge
  • How to optimize your sport with work and family commitments

  • Mental tools that you can use during your challenge during the low moments
  • How to overcome “hitting the wall”
  • How to use your success at work to excel in sports

  • How to strengthen mental strength (that can be applied in any parts of your life)

For 10 years I have been cycling, suffering and succeeding through the toughest challenges in the world with my most recent achievement setting a world record (See my previous cycling challenges below). As a former management consultant, I have experience how to make both corporate and athletic world work for each other. With my unique background, I successfully coach my clients in all stages through their process to achieve their goal.

Cycling-specific sessions

“Tell me how I can benefit from it” session

This 1 hours introduction session is about your goal and how you can benefit from training your mental strength to achieve your goal! You might be hesitant what benefits this training might have. This session is about introducing you to the program and Monika and after that, you can decide if it is for you!

6-week Mind Booster program

It is not too late! This 6-week program is about giving you the tools to strengthen your mental toughness, to work on a successful mindset, to avoid and or overcome those low moments during your challenge! If your cycling is more than 6 weeks out, the 3 months program is recommended.

3 months “The most powerful You” program

This program is the intense and in-depth version of the mind booster program. It will allow you to dive deeper and train more thoroughly the tools. This program gives enough time to adapt and get the most prepared for your cycling challenge.

24 hours pre-event “When it matters most” add-on

The last 24 hours before a cycling challenges are often accompanied with doubts, final questions and nervousness. Monika knows exactly how you feel and that’s why you can add the pre-24 hours check-up to give you the confidence and calmness you need to rest before your big event! To book this addition, you need to have at least session booked with Monika beforehand.

Don’t face it alone – Have Monika ride with you!

Book Monika for your ride as a support cyclist. She will be riding alongside you to give you extra motivation and mental strength during your challenge if needed.

VIP Program

If you are successfully working in your career and found the same drive for cycling, chances are you require a bespoke coaching program that fits your schedule, your time (most likely limited) and your energy level (i.e. tired after heavy day of meetings). In addition to a highly individualized training program, RAD Potential Coaching takes your cycling needs to the next level with a personal training partner and a domestique supporting you during your cycling challenges to the finish line! You can even let RAD Potential Coaching take care of the organization of your ideal training camp.

A selection of RAD Monika’s cycling challenges


World Record – First Woman in history cycling every kilometer of La Vuelta a España

1100km Solo Mallorca to Munich cycling adventure with a small backpack (5 days)

Ride Across Portugal (800km/ 5 days)

Mallorca 312 cycling challenge (312km/4500m of climbing)


Haute Route Triple Crown (2650km/62500m+ in 21 days race in Pyrenees, Haute Alps, Dolomites) (Only female)

500km solo ultra-light adventure trip through Half of Spain

330km/8000m+ Tour du Mont Blanc, France (3rd Female)


Everesting (8880m of continuous riding using only one hill, 177 times)

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, Australia (235km/ 5000m+ climbing)


5 Day MTB race, Tour de Timor (4th Female)

1000km Tortour, Switzerland (3rd in 4 Person Team)

Alpenbrevet, (276km, 7000m) Platin Tour, Switzerland (3rd Female)


Trans Iowa (500km Gravel Race), USA (3rd Overall)

Dirty Kanza, Emporia, USA (200mi) (2nd Female)

Gravel Worlds, Lincoln, NE (1st Female)

Almanzo Gravel Race (1st Female)


Amstel Gold Professional Women’s race, Netherlands