I only can say: INCREDIBLE!!!!

I dont know where the time went but I cant believe that it has already been a week since I started this 3300km Vuelta Ride journey.

In this one week, I have ridden 975km, 14357m elevation gain in over 38 hours. I am loving every moment of it.

I knew the first days were tough as I need to get physically and mentally into the rhythm. Now, after a week, the routine has set in. My support person, David, whom I have known for a month has been doing 20 jobs in one. We became very quickly a well-functioning team and now it is running very smoothly.

Daily routine

I am waking up every morning at 5:30ish, getting breakfast and ready to leave by 6:00ish. We are driving to kilometer 0 of the stage which is usually a 20min drive. By 6:30-7:00 I want to be on the road riding. Until 7:40 it is quite dark but then I can enjoy a beautiful sunrise!

Until 11:30 the temperature is quiet nice but after that, the heat is really setting in and it can get up to 41 degrees. Stages that feature a steep climb towards the end put extra stress on the body trying to cope with the heat and the elevated heartrate.

I eat on the road and I am not a bit fan of stopping. Our stops are quite short. While riding, I eat normal food like pasta with tomato sauce, rice with corn or quinoa. I drink solely water. However, there were already moments of emergency where I desperately needed sugar, then I have some of the NamedSport gels which kick in immediately.

I finish usually between 13-14:00, take the usual finisher photo and ride to the van to get changed. I have NamedSport BCAA, Glutamine and take a multivitamin as recovery. We then have lunch nearby where I again eat rice, eggs, veggies or something similar.

Post-lunch, we are driving to the hotel that is located close to the start of the next stage. So far, the transfer has been between 60- 150km.

At around 16-17:00 I arrive at the hotel or apartment, take a shower and write the press release and attend messages. I also prepare for the next stage studying the route and elevation chart.

By 20:00 I have dinner and by 21:30 I try to be in bed.

It is a busy day! Thus, there is not so much time to think about other things than being completely absorbed with this challenge. I love it.

The next two days will be very challenging with 195km and 200km back to back while the latter stage also has 4000m of climbing.

If you are nearby and can join me for parts of this stage, I would greatly appreciate it!

Have a wonderful evening and thank you for your support!