Hi. I am Monika aka Rad Monika (“Rad” means bike in German).

Growing up in Germany, sports has always been my life. It was Volleyball when I was young. I loved it so much that I was part of 4 clubs so I could play every day. It even got me grounded for a week because I went to practice once against my mother’s order to stay home.

But my passion for the sports got me also a full Volleyball scholarship to a university in South Carolina, USA. After four years of collegiate sports I moved to Washington, DC to pursue a Master’s degree at Georgetown University and then worked for the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

I also exchanged the Volleyball for adventure racing.

During the week I was working in business dress with diplomats, ambassadors and former presidents, on the weekend I was covered in mud wading through swamps at 2am, getting lost in the Appalachian mountains and chased by a swarm of wasps in rural Texas. Only the scratches on my body hinted that I didnt have a usual weekend.

I enjoyed the variety of adventure racing; however, I loved cycling the most so I dropped all other sports and I became a cyclist.

I discovered everything that came with it: Group riding. Post-ride coffee. Epic rides. Tough cycling challenges. A huge welcoming community.

I raced everything from criteriums, time trials, track, UCI races in Europe alongside the best in the World, gravel races and ultra-endurance races. But what I love the most are the tough one-day or stage races in the mountains.

After a Master’s degree in Sports and nine years in the USA, mostly at the East Coast and Minnesota, I was enrolled in a PhD program in New Zealand. But after sitting only one hour in a classroom, I  realized that three university degrees were enough and I exchanged the classroom for a 6 weeks cycling trip around the Southern Island.

Then, I  became an IT management consultant in Switzerland. This page would blow up if I start trying to explain how one becomes a management consultant after a sports degree. I leave it for a future blog post.

After one year in Zurich and two years in Melbourne, Australia I moved to Spain to turn my passion into my job: Breathing, talking, writing and filming adventure cycling.

For one year, I travelled through Europe, racing tough cycling challenges (incl.  Tour du Mont Blanc, Haute Route Triple Crown), modeling, telling my adventure stories in international magazines and creating a synergy with brands that have a similar mission.

After settling in Mallorca, Spain, I am fortunate to be able to work my dream job by sharing my passion and experience through cycling tours, workshops and motivational speeches.

Moreover, my work goes beyond cycling. My mission is to inspire and empower others to create their own paths and to dare to push their mental and physical limits. Because anything is possible!