My story

Originally from Germany, I moved after high school to the United States to play University Volleyball.

After my undergraduate studies I discovered cycling and found in this sport everything that I love: adventure, freedom, exploration, a challenge and a great community. Cycling excelled my love to discover new places and to immerse myself into new cultures. So after having lived in six different States in the USA, I moved to Switzerland and then Australia while becoming part of each cycling community.

My passion for cycling is growing with every ride, with every discovery and with every challenge. It opens horizons and connects me to a global community.

I live and breathe cycling. I love writing and talking about it while connecting with like-minded people. Because that is where my heart lies, that gives me energy and makes me happy, I decided to make cycling to my life last December.

I quit my job.

I looked at a map to find an ideal cycling place to live – always sunny and warm, varying terrain with a great cycling culture. And Southern Spain looked like it would tick all boxes. I did not know anyone in Spain, didn’t speak Spanish and had never been to this region, so for someone who is constantly looking for the next adventure, this would be a big one.

I booked a one-way ticket, a rental car and a hotel for one night and started a new chapter in my life.

While I am pursuing my passion and creating my own path, I want to share my experiences and knowledge what it means to leave everything behind and to live the life I want.

It is a bold move. It is rewarding, scary, adventurous and challenging.

It is my story.

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