Monika also known as RAD Monika was a management consultant when she took that daring step to pursue her passion for adventure cycling.

She quit her job and moved with half her bags to a new country where she didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language.

She lives by the philosophy “dare to go for it” – about taking risks to achieve your goals. She learned this way of life early on when she received a full Volleyball scholarship to the USA despite its low probability.

After four years of college in the USA, she was ready to move back to Europe when she – more as a joke rather than truly believing it would become reality – applied to the three best universities in the USA for the Master’s program in International Security. Not only did she got accepted, she even received a full scholarship.

Her mindset changed drastically becoming a true believer that anything is possible if you only got to dare to go for it and work hard for your goals.

From this experience onward, there were no limits to make her dreams reality – getting accepted again to another Master’s program despite having no background in the topic, being accepted one out of 1000 applicants to a prestigious management consulting program and moved as a junior consultant to another country – a privilege that is usually only reserved to senior consultants.

1.5 years ago she yet made her biggest ever daring step in her life – of creating her own real path – an unknown, unpredictable path with the sole goal to create her dream life.

With the right mindset, tools and guidance, any dream can become reality.

With her enthusiastic way of talking, she now inspires the audience through her cycling experiences and shares her lessons that can be applied to everyone and any situation – whether it is at work, career, sports or life.