My mission: Dare to go for it!

I am an entrepreneur with the mission to inspire others to dare to go for their goals. I believe that the first step towards a goal or a dream is the hardest but yet most important step towards achievement, self-discovery and potentially a more fulfilling life. After this initial step, you will receive more motivation, energy and opportunities to achieve your goal because you are the creator of your life path.

From management consultant to adventure cyclist

The reason for my mission is because I have taken this bold step by having left everything behind and moved to the other side of the world to create the life I want. I have experienced the fear of failure and unpredictability but yet it has led me to a more fulfilling life that I have never imagined. Along my journey of self-discovery, I learned that others have similar aspirations of reaching a goal or dream and through my story I was able to create an impact in other people’s lives – such a rewarding feeling that I made this to my mission.

A crazy idea: The Vuelta Ride

To show what it means to take such a daring step into the unknown with a high chance of failure, I decided to cycle as the first female in history the 3300km Vuelta a España shortly before the professionals. As a non-professional female cyclist who was embarking on that challenge solo, I especially wanted to show that it doesn’t matter what background, gender or circumstances you are in. If you want to achieve something, it is all in your mind to achieve it.

The majority of people told me it is not possible. Thus, my project was the perfect showcase what it means “to dare to go for a goal” – the risky step of doing something that was unpredictable and a good chance of failure… and that in front of a huge audience as this project received very quickly immense media attention with over 50 media coverages in 10 countries.

The success

Over a course of three weeks, an increasing amount of people supported my project, my ideas and my vision. Posters with my name were mounted on balconies, families came out to ride with me and women groups came from far away to be part of this project.

Thus, this project has become an incredible success.

My vision

My mission does not finish with this project and I have more cycling projects in the pipeline to reach a wider audience (i.e. cycling as the first female in history all Andorran summits; 300km, 12000m of climbing). Through worldwide my work (see services) media coverage, an upcoming book and strategic partnerships my vision is that more people are taking that first daring step towards their goal or dream.