Unbelievable! Since I moved from Australia back to Europe one year ago, the last four months were the first time I stayed in one place for that long – and that even very unexpected. After an entire summer last year living out of my bag traveling from one cycling event to another, I decided Girona would be the place to be as winter residence as it is touted as cycling heaven. So I stayed in Girona for a few months before I had a chance to travel to Mallorca for a visit.

I didn’t think too much of Mallorca. Full of German tourists, we call it jokingly Germany’s 17th state. When I travel my philosophy is to immerse myself into the local culture but through TV and word of mouth Mallorca seemed to lack this local culture.

Oh, how wrong I was!

During my visit to Mallorca, I was recommended to go on a group ride. Not thinking too much about what to expect, I got introduced to a local group ride on the island. I fell in love. That was exactly what I was looking for. Great weather. Amazing terrain and a strong, friendly and welcoming group.

I know this speaks for my addiction to cycling but because of this ride I decided to give Mallorca a go for living here.

I went back to Girona and packed all my stuff to move to the Spanish island. That was in December. I had a good feeling that Mallorca is a good place but I still wanted to test the waters to experience more of the island and especially the people before I was seriously considering to settle here.

Week after week I got to know all the guys of the group, mostly Mallorcans, some mainlanders and a few expats including a Swedish, a Danish, a Canadian and an Irish rider. And now they got a German addition 😉

I am in absolute love with the terrain and the fresh breeze from the sea as well as the proximity to the mountains. I love the flora, the almond and olive trees. I love the characteristic small roads that make every corner interesting.

It has been four months and now I signed a rental lease (a first since Australia) in a local neighborhood, applied for Spanish residency and have my business based in Mallorca and also work now with local partners to show others what the island has to offer.

In addition to the local culture I do appreciate the variety of different cultures. Here is so much going on, especially when it comes to cycling. In January, I saw the Sky, Movistar and Lotto Soudal Team. Frequently, I see riders from Trek, Caja Rural and Burgos. And if you have a coffee in one of the local cafes, don’t be surprised if the owner is a former pro, like in Deia or Alaro.

Because the seasons are here so extreme in regards to tourism and cycling, there seems to be a nice change of vibes throughout the year. I was told, in April and May, Mallorca will be absolutely packed with cyclists. Veremos!