Make your path adventurous!

Real. Adventurous. Daring.

“RAD” stands more than for ‘bike’ in German or short for ‘Radical’ in English. It is beyond cycling. It stands for a view on life: being real, adventurous and daring.

R for Real. Live truly the life you want,  be yourself and create YOUR path.

A for Adventurous. Don’t take the easy path, set yourself challenges, go outside your comfort zone. Make life exciting.

D for Daring. Take the risk to go for it. Don’t let fear make your decisions.

More what Living RAD means to me:

  • Be yourself who you really are, not necessarily following the ‘norms of the system’. This is a tough one because no one wants to feel rejected or left alone. But from experience I learned that doing something I am truly passionate about makes me happy. When I am happy, I admit a positive energy and people are drawn to positive energy. Thus, do what you love, even if it is outside the norm!
  • Appreciate quality over quantity, whether it is belongings, friends or Instagram followers. We are taught to want more and more. But more doesnt necessarily make us more happy. It almost does the opposite, of distracting us what it is really important in life.
  • Dont get stuck by your daily routine. Dont lose your creativity, your ideas, your dreams. Those make you feel alive!
  • Dont let fear make any of your decisions. Always ask yourself: Why are you scared? Most of the times it is because of failure and the unknown. But that makes life so exciting and worth living, because anything can happen. And failures dont exist, it is just a learning lesson in life.
  • Be active. You are the leader of your life. Dont let others make the decisions for you. Dont wait for the life to come to you. Don’t waste precious mental energy on the things you truly have no control over (like weather) and focus on the things that you can control and are an essential part of your life (job, family, health)
  • Dont compare yourself with others. Every single person has a different history, different motivations, different worries, strengths and weaknesses. Focus totally on yourself because that’s the person you know and can change.
  • Appreciate imperfection. Life is not there to get it nailed perfectly but about creating experiences worth living for. If you take that as a basis for your view on life, decisions are easier to be made. Remember, you can never rewind time. It keeps going whatever you do – watching TV or creating your next crazy adventure. Choose wisely how to use it!

Life is about making the best out of the time we get.
Do what you love doing. Go your own way. If it doesnt exist, create it. And dont worry what others say.
It is your time, your decisions, your life.