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In the media | Monika Sattler In the media | Monika Sattler
In the media

Monika’s The Vuelta Ride was featured in over 50 media in 10 different countries. A great success as her mission is to spread her message to inspire others to dare to go for their challenge.

On Television

Teledeporte, Spanish National TV:

Antena 3, National TV:

Macario, 2018:

On Spanish National TV 1, (4. Sept 2018)

Andorra TV Station: RTVA, July, 2018

Balearic TV Station: IB3, June 2018

Full articles

Solo, unsupported and ultra-light: Riding 600km from Malaga to Mallorca

The air is always what gets me. The moment when I step out of an airport. That first breath of the local air. This time, it was unexpectantly warm. I loved it. I just arrived in Malaga carrying a big carton with my bike inside. On my back: a string bag with bare essentials like a tooth brush, some warm clothes and an extra tube. That was all I had with me.

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How I rode the Vuelta a España

Last summer RAD Monika (aka Monika Sattler) made history as the first woman to ride the entire 3058km route of the one of cycling’s toughest grand tours: the Vuelta a España. Riding only a few hours ahead of the pro men, she covered all 21 stages and 49,337m of climbing in the blistering Spanish heat, her mission to inspire more people, particularly women, to get on their bikes.

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Entrepreneur Monika Sattler ’08 speaks to Global Studies students

Monika Sattler ’08 describes herself as a risk taker. And, that risk-taking has paid off. Since graduating from Bryant 10 years ago, she has lived on three continents, written a book, and become the only woman to ride all 21 stages of the famed Vuelta a Espana, a three-week Grand Tour cycling stage race.

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Schwaebischer Bote

Als RAD-Monika hat sie ihr Glück gefunden und erfüllt sich in Spanien ihren großen Traum: Monika Sattler fährt als erste Frau die Vuelta a España.

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Inselradio, Mallorca

Anhoeren 1
Anhoeren 2

El Correo

Monika Sattler pedalea cada etapa horas antes que los profesionales con el objetivo de «inspirar»: «Si te lo propones, puedes cumplir tu sueño»


Global Cycling Network

Mentioning of The Vuelta Ride starting at minute 12:45


Affordable Mallorca, Aug 2018

Monika attempts what no other woman dared before: Cycling the 3300 km Vuelta de España. What gives her the guts to face this murderous challenge?

For a trip from Mallorca to Munich, I would take a plane, and so would you I guess. Not Monika Sattler, more commonly known as RAD Monika. She gets on her bike instead. She rode the 1,100 km in 5 days. And this doesn’t even seem a big thing as compared to what else she’s done in her career as a cyclist. The Haute Route Triple Crown, that was a real biggie – three ultra-tough mountainous routes adding up to 2,600 km and 60,000 m of climbing. She made it through.

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road.cc Aug 2018

A German cyclist will set off from Malaga later this month with the aim of becoming the first woman to ride all 21 stages of the Vuelta a Espana (link is external) on the same day as the pro peloton.  

Monika Sattler, better known as RAD Monika (‘rad’ being German for ‘road’) will start her journey with a flat, 8-kilometre spin in the Andalusian city a few hours before the race itself opens with a team time trial.

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Cycling Friendly, Aug 2018

Monika Sattler, también conocida como RAD Monika, es una ciclista de aventura y una oradora inspiracional que vive en Mallorca. Hace poco más de un año era una consultora de administración para una importante empresa de Tecnología e Información cuando decidió hacer un cambio en su vida. Persiguió su mayor pasión: el ciclismo de aventura. Con la mitad de sus maletas se mudó a un lugar donde no conocía a nadie, nunca había estado antes y no hablaba el idioma: España.

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Ciclismo a Fondo, Aug 2018

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Fiets.nl, August 2018

Deze vrouw rijdt de gehele Vuelta vóór de profs uit

Bij de naam Monika Sattler gaat er misschien niet direct een belletje rinkelen, maar deze ambitieuze Duiste (32) staat bekend om haar bijzondere fietsavonturen. Ze heeft hierdoor zelfs de bijnaam ‘Rad Monika’ gekregen. Haar nieuwste uitdaging: alle Vuelta-ritten in haar eentje rijden, vóór de profs uit.

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Cycling.be, August 2018

De Duitse Monika Sattler gaat binnenkort een unieke uitdaging aan. De 32-jarige wielerfanate zal als eerste vrouw ooit de 21 ritten van de Vuelta afhaspelen, goed voor een solorit van 3254,7 kilometer.

Monika Sattler staat in het recreantenmilieu bekend als RAD Monika. In januari 2017 gaf ze haar job als management consultant bij IBM op en trok ze naar Mallorca om haar wielerdroom te vervullen. Ze kwam op het waanzinnige idee om op haar eentje het volledige Vuelta-traject af te leggen. Een uitdaging die ze omdoopte tot ‘The Vuelta Ride‘.

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RoadBike Magazin, August 2018

Monika Sattler im Interview: „Alles ist möglich, wenn man für etwas brennt.“

Die Abenteuer-Radsportlerin Monika Sattler fährt die Spanienrundfahrt. Jede Etappe, nur wenige Stunden vor den Profis. RoadBIKE traf die 32-Jährige bei der Eurobike zum Gespräch.

Frau Sattler, wie wird man Abenteuer-Radsportlerin?

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Mallorca Magazin, June 2018

“Ich möchte Menschen dazu inspirieren, sich Ziele zu setzen, die scheinbar unerreichbar sind”, verrät Monika Sattler. Eine ungewöhnliche Frau. Eine 32 Jahre alte Deutsche, die sich jenseits der gängigen Normen bewegt. Und eine Frau, die an und auf Mallorca ihr Herz verloren hat. An diesem Donnerstag, 14. Juni, beginnt das Abenteuer der Darmstädterin. Sie will allein mit dem Rad von Mallorca nach München fahren. Per Fähre geht es nach Toulon, dann auf den Sattel. Ausgestattet nur mit einem kleinen Beutel, Komfort Fehlanzeige. Zu erkennen ist die Radlerin an einer…”

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Casquette, British magazine, June 2018

“If ever there was a woman who encapsulates the expression ‘appetite for life,’ it’s Monika Sattler. Her skin boasts the effervescent glow that comes from a life spent almost permanently on two wheels; she’s bursting with energy, gesticulating wildly as she discusses her mission, and she bounces up and down in her chair as she tells me about her ambitions for the future. Then there’s her actual appetite. This girl can eat…”

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Württembergischer Radsportverband, German newsletter, June 2018

“Monika Sattler ist anders – ganz anders als die meisten Radsportler und Radsportlerinnen und auch in ihrem Lebenswandel scheint sie einzigartig. RAD-Monika hat Großes vor: „The Vuelta-Ride“. Die 32-Jährige steckt mitten in den Vorbereitungen: Vom 25.August bis zum 16.September 2018 möchte sie die 21 Etappen der „Vuelta a España“ in Angriff nehmen und dies jeweils nur wenige Stunden vor den besten Radsportprofis der Welt. (Sattler war Fahrerin im Frauen-Team “Team Stuttgart”)…”

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Lessons in Badassery, British blog, 2018

“German-born Monika Sattler (aka RAD Monika) is on a mission to inspire more people, especially women, to take up cycling. Her plan: to be the first woman in history to ride the entire course of this summer’s professional road cycling race, the Vuelta a España – one of cycling’s toughest Grand Tours – just hours ahead of the pro cyclists. The brutal 3300km route is designed to test even the most seasoned of professional riders and includes 21 days on the bike, notoriously difficult climbs and the searing heat of a Spanish summer. Phew!…”

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IB3 Television, 2018

As part of my effort to spread my mission to inspire others to challenge themselves, the Mallorcan television station, IB3, created a short film about my 1100km ride from Mallorca to Munich as well as the 3300km Vuelta Ride where I will go for the record as the first female riding every kilometer of the Vuelta a Espana hours before the professionals.

Ultima Hora (Largest Mallorcan newspaper, 2018)

Why riding the Vuelta a España?

Only until yesterday I realized that I will be the first woman in history riding every kilometer of the Vuelta a España at the same day as the professionals.

Although it will be awesome setting a new record the initial reason is to empower others to go outside their comfort zone and dare to try new things.

I am very grateful to receive this one-page coverage in the Ultima Hora reaching more people with this mission.
Thank you!!!!

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IB3 Radio (Mallorcan radio, 2018)

Talking to the Mallorcan radio station, IB3, about the reason why to live on this island and why riding the 3300km Vuelta challenge.

Listen here in English/Mallorcan

Ultima Hora (Balearic newspaper, 2018)

I am very excited to be able to spread my mission in the Spanish newspaper, Ultima Hora about my 1100km ride from Mallorca to Munich where I will visit children hospitals as well as the 3300km The Vuelta Ride, riding all the stages of the Vuelta a Espana at the same day just hours before the professionals.

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TOUR Magazin (German magazine, 2018)

I am grateful for the opportunities to share my story and my mission to inspire others that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. 💪 #liverad

My biggest challenge is yet to come: to get as many people, especially women, to ride bikes and to join me at The Vuelta Ride – riding the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana hours before the professionals. (www.thevueltaride.com)

Thanks to TOUR Magazin for covering my story!

Sonntagstalk at Inselradio (German Radio station in Spain, 2018)

Vielen Dank an das Inselradio fuer die Moeglichkeit ueber mein Projekt “The Vuelta Ride” zu reden. Hier koennt ihr nochmal reinhoeren.

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Mallorca Zeitung (Spanish newspaper, 2018)

Finding the job in life that you are most passionate about is not very easy. It took me a long time and many tries.

I never found it.

So I created it.

Thanks to Mallorca Zeitung to talk about my life journey from studying nuclear weapons to inspiring others to ride bikes.

Be the creator of yourself!

Deutsche Version
English Version

The Telegraph (UK newspaper, 2018)

Haute Route – meet the women from one of the world’s toughest sportives

I was interviewed by the British newspaper about my view on Women at the Haute Route.

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All things considered (British podcast, 2018)

This postcast is about pursuing your passion, making decisions, mind set, taking risks, and loads more. Think about it, how do you make a living doing something like what Monika does? As you’ll hear, it is a non-linear path with lots of starts and stops along the way.

Listen to the Podcast

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