Württembergischer Radsportverband, German newsletter, 2018

“Monika Sattler ist anders – ganz anders als die meisten Radsportler und Radsportlerinnen und auch in ihrem Lebenswandel scheint sie einzigartig. RAD-Monika hat Großes vor: „The Vuelta-Ride“. Die 32-Jährige steckt mitten in den Vorbereitungen: Vom 25.August bis zum 16.September 2018 möchte sie die 21 Etappen der „Vuelta a España“ in Angriff nehmen und dies jeweils nur wenige Stunden vor den besten Radsportprofis der Welt. (Sattler war Fahrerin im Frauen-Team “Team Stuttgart”)…”

Lessons in Badassery, British blog, 2018

“German-born Monika Sattler (aka RAD Monika) is on a mission to inspire more people, especially women, to take up cycling. Her plan: to be the first woman in history to ride the entire course of this summer’s professional road cycling race, the Vuelta a España – one of cycling’s toughest Grand Tours – just hours ahead of the pro cyclists. The brutal 3300km route is designed to test even the most seasoned of professional riders and includes 21 days on the bike, notoriously difficult climbs and the searing heat of a Spanish summer. Phew!…”

IB3 Television, 2018

As part of my effort to spread my mission to inspire others to challenge themselves, the Mallorcan television station, IB3, created a short film about my 1100km ride from Mallorca to Munich as well as the 3300km Vuelta Ride where I will go for the record as the first female riding every kilometer of the Vuelta a Espana hours before the professionals.

Ultima Hora, 2018

I had the opportunity to support a school class in their first 100km challenge while acting as a role model to show that whatever challenge you set, you can achieve it.

Ultima Hora (Largest Mallorcan newspaper, 2018)

Why riding the Vuelta a España?

Only until yesterday I realized that I will be the first woman in history riding every kilometer of the Vuelta a España at the same day as the professionals.

Although it will be awesome setting a new record the initial reason is to empower others to go outside their comfort zone and dare to try new things.

I am very grateful to receive this one-page coverage in the Ultima Hora reaching more people with this mission.
Thank you!!!!

IB3 Radio (Mallorcan radio, 2018)

Talking to the Mallorcan radio station, IB3, about the reason why to live on this island and why riding the 3300km Vuelta challenge.

Ultima Hora (Balearic newspaper, 2018)

I am very excited to be able to spread my mission in the Spanish newspaper, Ultima Hora about my 1100km ride from Mallorca to Munich where I will visit children hospitals as well as the 3300km The Vuelta Ride, riding all the stages of the Vuelta a Espana at the same day just hours before the professionals.

TOUR Magazin (German magazine, 2018)

I am grateful for the opportunities to share my story and my mission to inspire others that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. 💪 #liverad

My biggest challenge is yet to come: to get as many people, especially women, to ride bikes and to join me at The Vuelta Ride – riding the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana hours before the professionals. (www.thevueltaride.com)

Thanks to TOUR Magazin for covering my story!

Sonntagstalk at Inselradio (German Radio station in Spain, 2018)

Vielen Dank an das Inselradio fuer die Moeglichkeit ueber mein Projekt “The Vuelta Ride” zu reden. Hier koennt ihr nochmal reinhoeren.

Mallorca Zeitung (Spanish newspaper, 2018)

Finding the job in life that you are most passionate about is not very easy. It took me a long time and many tries.

I never found it.

So I created it.

Thanks to Mallorca Zeitung to talk about my life journey from studying nuclear weapons to inspiring others to ride bikes.

Be the creator of yourself!

The Telegraph (UK newspaper, 2018)

Haute Route – meet the women from one of the world’s toughest sportives

I was interviewed by the British newspaper about my view on Women at the Haute Route.

All things considered (British podcast, 2018)

This postcast is about pursuing your passion, making decisions, mind set, taking risks, and loads more. Think about it, how do you make a living doing something like what Monika does? As you’ll hear, it is a non-linear path with lots of starts and stops along the way.