Fulfillment 1-on-1 coaching

I coach successful leaders who are looking for the next big challenge in life that creates a new sense of purpose while making them feel alive and fulfilled.

Typical client profile

My clients are successful business leaders. They achieve whatever they want in their lives. From the outside, they are perceived as the accomplished and stable leaders while from the inside there is a void building up. They do not feel satisfied with one or many parts of their lives. Excitement and the feeling of liveliness are missing. Purpose of life is dwindling while there are no meaningful goals to be accomplished on the horizon.

Results of coaching

In absolutely confidential and private coaching sessions, I work with clients on creating a plan for creating a sense of purpose through a sustainable and realistic plan. The results are that clients rediscover energy, create purpose and feel alive again. Moreover, clients find goals that are worth pursuing.

Coaching structure

It is a six-week coaching program that has a result-focused approach tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Length: 6-week program compromised of a weekly one hour call. A long-term coaching relationship is available after the 6-week program.

Philosophy: The coaching is based on the RAD framework which is a three-step framework to create meaningful goals, overcome mental barriers and establishes a suitable path to reach objectives. Learn more here about the RAD framework.


Honesty, respect and directness are my main principles for communication.

All names, interactions and conversations of my clients stay confidential starting from the initial contact.

What’s next?
  1. Please send me an email stating your interest in this 6-week coaching program (monika@radmonika.com) and three available times for a 30 min call.
  2. During this call, we will determine if this program is suited for your situation as I want to make sure you will get results with this program.
  3. We agree on a mutually agreed schedule for the 6-week program.
What happens after the 6-week program?

The goal of the 6-week program is that you see results and are equipped with all necessary tools to be successful.

However, often, clients are interested in continuing the coaching relationship.

If we both agree that there are benefits for a long-term coaching program, we will create an individualized schedule that fits with the needs of the client.