Feeling stuck? Fearing failure? Failing pursuing your goal? This article is for you!

If you are finding yourself stuck in your current life situation, if you are worried about failure when pursuing your goal or worse if you are actually failing while pursuing your goal you want to continue reading.

I would like to share a way how to actually make your goals become reality. It is a three-step method that grasps all the things you need to pursue and achieve your goals.

I have been using this method for 14 years getting multiple full scholarships, working for prestigious management consulting companies, operating two businesses, living in five countries, making drastic life changes, setting a world record and writing a book in 6 weeks.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. This is far from trying to show off. I want to tell you with these examples that this method really works. In all parts of your life! So, learn it once, apply it in all parts of your life.

This is no black magic, nor is it anything you haven’t heard yet but it is a structured way that captures all crucial steps to go for your goal and thus living to your full potential.

It is called the RAD method. No, it has nothing to do with radical and yes that is why my website is called RAD Monika. 😊

RAD is an acronym and stands for Real, Adventurous and Daring.


Be yourself. Accept and appreciate yourself. It starts within YOU to set the right goals and have the passion to pursue it. Especially in nowadays world of perfectionism we often chase an unreachable image and forget who we actually are. But living authentically is the foundation to self-belief – an absolute necessity to achieve our goals!


We often fail not because of the wrong goal but the way we try to achieve it. Instead of seeing it as a “perfect success path” let’s see our journey as adventure. An adventure is fun so should be that journey to reach the goal. If we see our path as adventure, we are more open for obstacles because adventure always entails unexpected challenges which we embrace to face. And who does not want a bit of adventure in their lives?


Unless we take that daring step of going for it, our goals will always stay dreams. To overcome fear of failure and the unknown we have to stay away from the mindset of just entering a black magic box and hoping for the best that we will exit it and reach our goal which we call success. Instead, we should consider every step towards our goal as success because we gain connections, experiences, expertise, opportunities and knowledge along the way. Even if we do not reach our pre-defined goal for some reason, we have created so many successes along the way that it was worth the journey! And at the end of the day – that is what life is all about!

So, what does RAD stand for? It stands for living (Adventurous) your life (Real) to the fullest (Daring)!

While reading about the method, can you see in what step of your goal pursuit you might be struggling? Or do you want to learn more about it how you actually could get unstuck from your routine? Then, I invite you to sign up to the RADness and learn how you can apply the RAD method to your own life! #liveRAD ✌

Sign me up to the RADness

Sign me up to the RADness!