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RAD Potential Coaching is not about just handing you a training plan, it takes into account that you have a life – a job, a family and to make everyone happy is the key to contentment on the bike.

Following a strict training plan might not only be unsuitable for those who have a job and a family but it also does not take into account how you feel each day. There are days you are just not motivated or you are losing your mojo because you are not beating your friends up the climbs for some reason.

But not only that, if you fall into the A-type category who tend to become easily compulsive obsessive following a set training plan might be the worst thing for you because if you are not hitting exactly the numbers of the training plans, your day is basically done. I have been there. Done that. I lasted for one month and then I had to get off that training plan otherwise I would have sold my bike.

With 10 years of experience having raced and ridden the world’s toughest cycling challenges, Monika, the director of RAD Potential Coaching, specializes in coaching cyclists who are looking to ride or race cyclosportives, gran fondos or gravel events.

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A selection of RAD Monika’s cycling challenges


World Record – First Woman in history cycling every kilometer of La Vuelta a España

1100km Solo Mallorca to Munich cycling adventure with a small backpack (5 days)

Ride Across Portugal (800km/ 5 days)

Mallorca 312 cycling challenge (312km/4500m of climbing)


Haute Route Triple Crown (2650km/62500m+ in 21 days race in Pyrenees, Haute Alps, Dolomites) (Only female)

500km solo ultra-light adventure trip through Half of Spain

330km/8000m+ Tour du Mont Blanc, France (3rd Female)


Everesting (8880m of continuous riding using only one hill, 177 times)

Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, Australia (235km/ 5000m+ climbing)


5 Day MTB race, Tour de Timor (4th Female)

1000km Tortour, Switzerland (3rd in 4 Person Team)

Alpenbrevet, (276km, 7000m) Platin Tour, Switzerland (3rd Female)


Trans Iowa (500km Gravel Race), USA (3rd Overall)

Dirty Kanza, Emporia, USA (200mi) (2nd Female)

Gravel Worlds, Lincoln, NE (1st Female)

Almanzo Gravel Race (1st Female)


Amstel Gold Professional Women’s race, Netherlands