Corporate Cycling Coaching

How corporate success transfers onto two wheels


Get prepared for your corporate bike ride: A program for all fitness levels, giving tips to get the most out of it and especially taking into account that all the participants are working full-time.

– How to prepare for the challenge on a limited time budget
– How to train despite low motivation or little energy left in the day
– Insight tips for female cyclists
– Nutrition on and off the bike
– What to do when you “hit the wall“
– How to increase the team spirit
– How to get mentally stronger (which even helps you in other parts in your life)
– Training in bad weather conditions
– Specific preparation of climbs, distance and weather conditions for your bike ride
– Healthy habits to be your best version on and off the bike
– Bike maintenance & tips for buying your first bike


• Bi-weekly webinar about one specific topic, i.e. nutrition, mental toughness, getting fit, training around a busy lifestyle
• Access to Monika via email: ask questions any time
• Monthly only-women webinar for female-specific issues
• Individual training schedule
• Specific gym workout for cyclists and overall health

Optional (not included in the price):
• Monika will join and support the ride in person
• Mechanical course (how to change a flat, positioning on the bike, maintenance, how to oil a chain, etc)
• Face-to-face motivational preparation session in your office: to ask the hard questions and getting excited for the challenge
• Organization of a cycling camp in Mallorca

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