Achieving a goal is no luck. It is a combination of factors that create success.

In sports, in addition to physical fitness, mental strength and stamina are crucial to succeed, especially when it gets tough.  Your thoughts can excel or hinder the accomplishment of your goal.

Let’s say you have been riding for 200km during a hard cycling challenge, a tough climb is ahead.
What are your thoughts?
“Oh my god, hopefully, I will make it?” or
“Well, that sucker is not going to destroy me. Tough climb, you gotta try harder to make me give up!”

The attitude towards the challenge will make it an insurmountable obstacle or a bump on the horizon.

As a gravel world champion and winner of various endurance challenges, I have my good share of overcoming challenges and obstacles.
Whether to keep going while getting a ridiculous amount of flats on a 300 km gravel challenge, facing excruciating pain 450 km into a 500 km race or staying sane during 177 laps of the very same climb.

The attitude towards these challenges will make you get up or give up.

While I love pursing my own challenges, I am just as passionate to help others succeed in their goal whether it is the first century ride or the 500 km gravel race.

For the initial conversation, I meet you over a coffee or via Skype to chat about your goals and your motivation. We then craft a highly-individualized achievement plan with concepts to succeed in your cycling endeavor and beyond.

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