Adventurous – 2nd pillar of the RAD method

Hello wonderful RAD human,

We are talking here about the second pillar of the RAD method: Adventurous.

This article is especially for you keep failing in your pursuit of your goal or if you don’t like the process going for your goal. You might also easily give up when an obstacle comes your way or you keep getting distracted instead of focusing on your goal.

Why Adventurous?

Adventurous is the description of the path to your goal or in general of your life. Why adventure? Because there is no perfect success path. There will be always obstacles and hiccups along the way your journey, even on the most planned route. The more you are ready for those hurdles, the more likely you can overcome then and move forward towards your goal. An adventure means exposing yourself to the unexpected; thus, you almost expect the unexpected. If you have that mindset and welcome unpredictability there is not much anymore that can keep you away from pursuing your goal. Obstacles, hurdles and hiccups are all part of the plan.

Adventure usually also entail fun. And that is what a path should be about. Because when it is fun, chances are VERY high that you will achieve your goal and keep going. Often times though, we put ourselves on a path we strongly dislikes (I am just thinking about diets or exercise plans). OF COURSE, dieters and exercisers fail because they hate the journey. But what is if you could actually create a fun journey (an adventure) you enjoy so much that you don’t even realize that you are reaching your goal?! That is why this pillar is called adventure!

So let’s dive right into how you can make your journey more adventurous. Download the document with a very insightful exercise how you can make your journey to your adventure!

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So, what’s next?

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