The E&T mission

The past six years I have been chasing the most epic and toughest races in every country I have lived in. What I quickly realized, no matter whether I was in the United States, Switzerland, Italy or Australia, I was never alone.

There are entire groups dedicated to chase epic rides! From racing across a continent to the invention of everesting, cyclists are a creative bunch to challenge their limits – addicted to the pain and the suffering and the feeling of immense accomplishment when succeeding!

There was only one thing missing – a hub that had all the epic sweat and tough blood in one spot- a place about tough cycling events, epic stories and advice on nutrition and training.

This is the mission of this website – becoming the Number 1 resource for anything epic on a bike.

Like the idea? Get involved. Here are a few ways:

Do you have an epic story about a race or a ride to share? Let’s hear from you!

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