Top 5 climbs in Mallorca

Sunny greetings from Mallorca,

Mallorca is a cycling paradise. Period. You got it all. Nice weather year around, respectful car drivers and anything of terrain you would like to have. And the yearly visit of most of the professional cycling teams is the proof. Although I am not a professional cyclist, my preparation for my recent world record was mostly done in Mallorca and it gave me a great preparation for 3300km in 21 days. This blog post would blow up if I talk about everything that makes this island perfect for cycling. Therefore, today I would like to tell you about the top five climbs this island has to offer so you can organize your cycling route around them if you either like climbing or a heck of a view.

1. Cura
If you stay in or around Palma, just look East and you will see it. Cura – a little mountain surrounded by flattish terrain. Besides that this climb is easily reachable from Palma, it has a 360 view around the island. You can see Cabrera, a super small island of the island, from the top when it is clear. And when you are descending back down to Randa, slow down after you turn left into the village, because on the right side, you can get some refreshments before heading back home.

2. Orient
You feel in a different world when heading up this hidden climb that goes into the mountains. Just after Bunyola you are surrounded by rocks left and right and once you are over the first climb Coll d’Honor you are in the middle of a high plateau with sheep and cows happily grazing their lunch. This climb gets me every time. It is longer than expected because you can never anticipate the end until you see the sign “Coll d’Honor” and later “Coll d’Orient” coming from Bunyola.

3. Sa Calobra
I am split on this one. On the one hand, it is always filled with cyclists and touring buses; thus, unless you are riding before 8:00 the climb up, instead of peace you will find traffic jams and tetris-like movements by very skilled bus drivers. On the other hand, this climb has the most stunning sights and offers a challenging climb. Thus, I would definitely recommend the climb but to ungodly hours. Bring a camera with a big memory card because you will need it. And instead of trying to break the Strava record, take your time to look around. It is worth looking up the pavement!

4. Galilea
Even if you are visiting in the most touristy season, Galilea appears to be still one of those climbs that haven’t been discovered yet. A beautiful climb from Es Capdella into the forest, you quickly will find yourself away from houses and any other noise. Once you got a good sweat worked up, you will be greeted by a stunning view towards the valley and in the distance the sea. And once you soaked in your surroundings you will find the highest village of the island, Galilea. But don’t just descend right away because you can get a bonus eye treat by taking a left at the top and visit the café that is hidden next to the church.

5. San Salvador
I am in a bit of a dilemma on this one. Let me explain. When you are coming from Palma and not exactly taking it easy to get there, you are quite fried before even attempting the climb. Thus, looking to the top, you might not just “feel like climbing” right now. However, even though you used up all your matches, I still would highly recommend the last effort for this climb. Because the top offers great views towards the island and even Menorca when it is clear. Once you have enjoyed the beautiful view, you can let it roll until Felanitx and have a coffee in one of my favorite cafes…oh wait…I can’t spill any secrets yet because that is for the future posts.

So, if you are coming to the island soon, check out those climbs. And stay tuned for insight tips in future newsletters.
Until then, enjoy your riding!


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