Immerse yourself in the local cycling community wherever you travel. You will meet incredible people! (You might get a Welcome cake from your new cycling group!)

Welcome to the website of Rad Monika!

Cycling has changed my life. It is not just a way of burning calories for me. It is my greatest passion. I couldn’t imagine a life without my bike. Cycling has been creating incredible adventures, led me to less travelled paths and challenged my physical and mental limits. But the best part of cycling is that wherever I am moving to (I have lived on three continents, five countries and 20 places so far), I was immediately part of a welcoming community – despite culture or language barriers.

Cycling has made a huge imPACt in my life!

With the “Make an imPACt” project I want to inspire and enable others to experience the same passion, adventure and community-aspect of cycling!

Make your imPACt:

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Join the imPACt Training Camps in March or June in Spain.

Support collaborating companies that align with the imPACt values.

More imPACt is coming soon – one will be revealed End of April!!!

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