RAD Monika on a RAD mission

Originally from Germany, I have lived in the USA, Switzerland, Australia and now Mallorca, Spain.

I love cycling. I love the adventure, the challenge and the community of this sport. I have ridden across half of Spain with nothing but a little bag, raced the 330km Tour du Mont Blanc and completed the 2650km Haute Route Triple Crown.

I am so passionate about cycling that I left my management consulting job to work in the sport I love so dearly. With half of my luggage I moved to a new country where I didnt know anyone and didnt speak the language.

A bold move but I never looked back because there is nothing more that makes me feel alive than riding my bike, discovering new places, meeting new people, connecting to nature and being part of a global community.

This experience has become my mission, igniting the inner fire in others to create their own paths, to explore the world and to be fearless.

Live a real, adventurous and daring life! More about the RAD philosophy here.

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Finding the job in life that you are most passionate about is not very easy. It took me a long time and many tries.

I never found it.

So I created it.

Thanks to Mallorca Zeitung to talk about my life journey from studying nuclear weapons to inspiring others to ride bikes.

Be the creator of yourself!

2650km. 62500m of climbing. 21 days.

Last summer, I completed the  Haute Route Triple Crown, a three week 2650km cycling challenge with over 62500m of climbing. As the only female among 22 racers I aim to inspire specifically women to  dare to take on big challenges.

The Vuelta Ride

This summer, I will be riding the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana route shortly before the professionals to inspire others, especially women, to rides bikes, to explore the world and to challenge themselves.

Riding the 3300km Vuelta a Espana route
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Featured in the UK Newspaper 'The Telegraph': My view of Women in the Haute Route
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