The Vuelta Ride (25. Aug – 16. Sept 2018)

Monika is currently riding the Vuelta Ride and will be the first female in history riding every kilometer of the 3300km Vuelta a España hours before the professionals.

From management consultant to full-time adventure cyclist

Motivation, teamwork, goal setting, risk-taking and persistence are some of the key elements for success whether it is working on fast-moving and high-pressure projects or setting a cycling world record.

Monika – also known as RAD Monika – former management consultant and now full-time adventure cyclist and speaker draws the parallels between the two worlds in an entertaining yet educating way through her cycling challenges like the 2650km Haute Route Triple Crown, the solo 1100km cycling adventure from Mallorca to Munich or the upcoming world record attempt of the 3300km Vuelta a España and explains how these lessons can be transferred to other parts of life.

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