Anything is possible!

Beginning of 2017, I swapped my job as a management consultant for my passion: adventure cycling.

With half of my luggage I moved to a new country where I didnt know anyone and didnt speak the language.

A bold move but I never looked back because there is nothing more that makes me feel alive than riding my bike, exploring world, meeting new people, connecting to nature and being part of a global community.

My mission goes beyond cycling – it is about going outside exploring the world, about creating your own path and about daring to push your physical and mental limits.

Now I share my passion and experience through cycling tours, workshops, motivational speeches and special projects.

2650km. 62500m of climbing. 21 days.

Last summer, I completed the  Haute Route Triple Crown, a three week 2650km cycling challenge with over 62500m of climbing. As the only female among 22 racers I aim to inspire specifically women to  dare to take on big challenges.

The Vuelta Ride

This summer, I will be riding the entire 3300km Vuelta a Espana route shortly before the professionals to inspire others, especially women, that anything is possible!

Riding the 3300km Vuelta a Espana route
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RAD Monika's adventure cycling trips

There is only one more thing that makes the feeling of cycling and what comes with it – exploring the world, meeting new people and daring to push mental and physical limits – better.

And that is sharing it with others.

RAD Monika’s cycling trips are about adventure. When hunger goes beyond the post-ride cuisine. It is about being fully indulged in life, looking to satisfy all senses, about exploring regions, learning about local history and culture. But as much as it is about breathing in the full day, it is about relaxing on a comfy chair with legs on the railing taking in the depth of the view and observing the sunset in the horizon. That is what I consider a great day!


Featured in the UK Newspaper 'The Telegraph': My view of Women in the Haute Route
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