Live to your fullest potential!

You are filled with passion, strengths and talents! Uncover them to be your greatest!

You are talented, passionate and motivated!

But are you using it to achieve your full potential and live the life you want?

Hi! I am Monika, an international speaker, author, world record holder and owner of RAD Monika Coaching.

I am teaching students, corporate teams, athletes and individuals to live to their full potential. More people than you think don’t live up to their talents, motivations and passions due to different factors. Often lack of self-confidence (especially in females!!!), fear of the unknown or not knowing how to do it keeps very talented people away from living a more successful and fulfilling life.

Through workshops, talks, 1-on-1 coaching and soon online courses, my clients learn practical tools and develop the mindset to live to their full potential.

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“We had the good fortune of bringing Monika Sattler to our school and thanks to her talk explaining her RAD philosophy she helped our sport students to find out how to achieve their goals not only for the year but also for their future lives. I believe that the reason she has such an impact on all that she presents to is that she is clearly genuine and motivating in every regard.
It is with only the highest regards that I would recommend Monika for any speaking engagement, for the corporate world, sport or personal.”
Frank Brunot, Head of Studies – Fleming Group

“Monika is an enthusiastic, energetic speaker whose accounts and experiences bring relevant lessons to the corporate environment. She has spoken at two of our Ciena EMEA events now, specifically on partnering, collaboration and the value of teamwork to achieve the improbable. She is very good to work with in developing content and delivery for the presentations, attentive to addressing the objectives of the speaking assignment. Her enthusiasm is infectious and passion for achieving is inspirational, highly recommended as a speaker for events and cycling activities.”

Mark Gilmor, Senior Advisor – Ciena

I have been there….

In this book, I share my very personal story of overcoming my fear to make drastic life changes, go against of what I was supposed to do in life, while dealing with huge barriers and road blocks along the  way. But I also share my success how to pursue your dream and live a happy and fulfilling life.

If you are currently in a life-changing situation or would like to go for a goal that seems scary or out of reach, this story will resonate with you and might give you that spark, that energy and that motivation to take that daring step!

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