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Monika Sattler, B.A., M.A., M.Sc.

Owner of RAD Monika Achievement Coaching. World Record Holder. Author. Speaker.

Because you can achieve a lot more than you think…

 Develop an achiever mindset for more productivity, motivation and satisfaction with RAD Monika Achievement Coaching – a strategic approach to reach your full RAD potential by building self-confidence, overcoming fears and creating a sustainable path to reach your goals.

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About Monika

Monika Sattler is the owner of RAD Monika Achievement Coaching and enables her clients (students, corporations, individuals) to achieve their full potential in sports, work and general in life by building self-confidence, overcoming fear of failure and creating a sustainable journey to success.

She is also an author, speaker and a world record holder. Previously, she worked for the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and IBM. She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts from Bryant University, a Masters of Arts in International Security from Georgetown University and a Master of Science in Kinesiology from University of Minnesota. She has lived in five countries and speaks three languages (English, German, Spanish).

I have been there….

In this book, I share my very personal story of overcoming my fear to make drastic life changes, go against of what I was supposed to do in life, while dealing with huge barriers and roads on my way. But I also share my success how to pursue your dream and live a happy and fulfilling life.

If you are currently in a life-changing situation or would like to go for a goal that seems scary or out of reach, this story will resonate with you and might give you that spark, that energy and that motivation to take that daring step!

My story featured worldwide